Buddy Information

2017 Challenger Buddy Baseball


Welcome All AAA, 50/70 and Junior Managers,


At Bartlett Little League,  Challengers is a specific division consisting of players from across the Northwest suburbs, ages 4-22, with mental or physical challenges.  This year there are (6) six Challenger teams: the Cubs,White Sox, Giants, Rays, Angels and Cardinals.  The teams compete against one another with the assistance of baseball “Buddies.”  The buddies are 9-14 year-old players from Bartlett Little League and other organizations who are stepping forward to help.  The Buddies pair up with the Challengers and assist them in running the bases, fielding their position and cheering for their teammates from the dugout.  The Challengers follow their games with a brief social time of hot dogs, soda and “talking baseball” with their Buddies.


The 2013 season has X weekend games, and X Friday night games with X of those under the lights at Ruzicka Field.  Your total participation is needed and expected by Bartlett Little League to successfully assist these special children playing baseball.


Buddy responsibilities:


  1. AT YOUR ARRIVAL: Arrive in full uniform (with glove) 45 min. prior to your game. Check in with the Challenger Division’s “Game Day Coordinator” to see what field your team is assigned. Then while waiting for Challengers players to arrive ask if you can assist the Challenger coaches with anything (ex: organizing dugouts, etc).


  1. AT CHALLENGERS ARRIVAL: As Challengers arrive, the Challengers coaches and Buddy coaches will help matched you up with a Challenger player. Larger Buddies may be asked to handling the wheelchair players. The Challenger coaches will advise on where you should warm up throwing the ball at.


  1. OUT IN THE FIELD:  The Challenger coach will tell you what position, take your player there and teach them ready position, where to throw when they catch it. Let Challenger player make the plays, you just protect them. Compliment, high five, praise, have fun!  Certain batters, we will announce for the BUDDIES STEP FORWARD OR BUDDIES IN FONT and be extra careful of hard hit balls. We had Home Runs last year so even though it’s a safety ball you have to be on your toes.  On games where we have an overflow of players, you will be told to grab a ball and take your player to the Bullpen and play catch until their turn for a position

  1. IN THE DUGOUT:  Sit with your assigned player until they are called to be on-deck, then assist with their helmet and bat (they have their favorites). When announced, take them to homeplate, stand to the side until they hit, then run with them to first base. Teach to leadoff, some kids will want to steal, good hits they can go for extra bases, they can slide, runners are always safe and all score.  In the dugout, teach chanting, rally time, sing and dance to the music, cheer for teammates, have fun!


  1. DURING THE GAME: Teach your player what you know, ready positions, where to throw the ball, etc. While it may not seem that they are not understating or participating it is important not to feel frustrated your support is what will help our players grow. If one of your players seems to be having difficulty by make noise, using foul langue, screaming, yelling, in most cases this is their way of expressing themselves and is usually NOT directed at you. If it seems to get worse or hitting is involved advise one of the Challenger or Buddy coach ASAP!


  1. LENGTH OF GAME: We play two innings or until everyone bats & scores twice. In a small amount of cases the format and amount of innings (no more than three) could be changed at game time or during the game. These changes are determined by the Challenger coaches so please be flexible. Game times run approximately 1 ½ hours.


  1. END OF THE GAME: When the game is over, line up and shake hands, listen to final instructions from the Challenger coaches then take your player to the bleachers and have the ALL IMPORTANT hotdog, chip and drink for all Buddies and Challengers. Mingle with the players, talk about their great plays & big hits.


  1. ENCOURAGE YOUR PLAYERS INVOLVEMENT: Remember... it is their game! Do everything possible to encourage your player to be involved at his/her level of ability. Focus on what your player is able to do and recognize all positive efforts. We want the players to come out and have FUN! This is something they may never have had the opportunity to be a part of before.


  1. ARRANGE FOR YOUR OWN SUBSTITUTE: You will be provided with a Master Buddy List for the team that you have been assigned to. If you must miss a game, make sure that your team is covered or please make sure that you arrange for someone to take your place. Make sure that you let the Manager of your Challenger Team know that you will not be attending and who is attending in your place.

  1. INJURIES AT GAMES: Safety of all children on the field is our Number 1 priority. If any injury occurs to any of the Players or Buddies please make sure that you let the Challenger or Buddy coaches know immediately!


 With your help, it could be their FAVORITE SUMMER!