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Week 7 notes

posted Jun 5, 2014, 3:31 PM by Bll Challengers

LAST WEEK: I would like to personally thank everyone in the league who played last week in helping our four (4) outside teams feel very welcome at Bartlett. I think this is the most outside teams we have had at once come visit!

There are some special shout outs Machonne Williams Executive VP of everything wanted me to pass on.


Thank you too:

·         Matthew Williams for singing our National Anthem (even with a chest cold)

·         Tina Kennedy and Judy Laprairie for taking over the leads with the Game Day Coordinator

·         Mary Mestas  and Stacey Hayes for announcing our 4pm game

·         Amy Cotter, Pat LaVoie, Tina Kennedy, Judy LaPrairie as servers

·         Jen Fergus for getting the lactose free ice cream and an ice cream scoop!

·         Phil Cotter running with my credit card…to get more toppings! ----note from Paul…Phil please return the card and I think we need to discuss all the power tools you purchased as well (just saying) <smile>.

·         Tina Kennedy and Judy Laprairie once again taking lead as Game Day Coordinator 6 p.m.

·         Matthew Williams for singing the National Anthem

·         Geoffery Boston and Matthew Williams for announcing our 6p.m. game

·         Charles Jaris (Nancy Jaris' son), Roberta Stanley , Jamie Flanagan as servers.


A big THANK YOU to Culver’s of Schaumburg  1800 Wise Road Schaumburg, IL 60193 for donating our Ice Cream. Stop in to see them!!


THIS WEEK: As of right now we are short buddy teams, and possibly for the rest of the season. The bad weather has forced our outside groups that help us out at the end of the year to be unavailable because of trying to make up games. Please be patient with us as we work on this situation .


We will have a special guest this week Mr. Daniel Smrokowski will be doing a podcast of his show Special Chronicles at this Saturday’s game. He will be there before we start and after. If you would like to meet Daniel, see what his doing and possibly be interviewed please contact Machonne so we can organize this.

Below is Daniel information.

     Athlete & Global Messenger for Special Olympics Illinois
    Founder & CEO  of  Special Chronicles Nonprofit New Media Company 

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June 21st is the BBSA night out at the Schaumburg Boomers game, it will be great fun evening. The BBSA board selected this date so the Challenger Division could participate since we do not have games scheduled. Click on this link and put bbsa2014 in the “GROUP PORTAL CODE” box and purchase away!



July 12th is our end of the year party. We will be sending out information soon.


July 26th 2Nd Annual Boomers Classic BBSA AL Challengers vs BBSA NL Challengers before Schaumburg Boomers Game. (SIGN UP OPEN).


The Challenger Division will be playing a special Challenger game before a Schaumburg Boomer Game on July 26th. We will be having the Bartlett American League Challengers (Angels, Rays, White Sox, Red Sox vs Bartlett National League Challengers (Cubs, Cards, Giants, Dodgers). After our Challenger game we will stay to watch the game. This will NOT be a free event. SIGN UP NOW


There will be a sign up, this is open to all Challenger players who are in good standing with the league including all fee’s paid up. 

Some of the facts:

·         Sign up will consist of:

·         Going to the main BBSA website www.bartlettbsa. com

·         Click on spring registration button at top of the page.

·         Log into your account and you will see  your players information under “your children”.

·         Click the blue button “register as a player”

·         Click on the green button “continue”

·         Verify your players info and hit continue (this should all be correct).

·         Click on Boomers Classic

·         And check out. Note there is no FEE to sign up to play however if your player is selected you will be required to purchase Boomers tickets. Paul will advise you of group code.

·         The players (and adult(s) who brings them) will be REQUIRED to purchase a game day ticket.

o   We will have a website portal to order tickets from the Boomers.

o   Can Anyone can come and watch the game?

§  Yes but you need to purchase tickets Ticket price is not determined yet but not more than $10  $12.

·         To start off with we have 3-4 players from each team (15 total on each team).

o   If we do not have 3-4 players from a team we will fill in from other teams.

·         If we have too many players sign up, we will do a random draw after the following:

·         Any Challenger player who did not play in last year’s Boomers Classic gets first shot.

o   A sponsor’s Challenger player or special request by the BBSA Board for a Challenger player

o   Open to the rest of the league with random draw.


August 1st  - 1st Annual BBSA Lady Challengers Exhibition game before the Chicago Bandits game (Girls Day / Night out).

·         This event is only open for our Lady Challengers to play in, all our of our Lady Challengers parents have been emailed by me today.

·         Tickets for this event can be purchased to watch the Challenger game then watch the Chicago Bandits play.

·         Contact Paul to register.