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Week 6 Notes

posted May 30, 2014, 7:51 AM by Bll Challengers
Well we are half way through our season, and we dodged a few bullets with field conditions I feel fortunate we had other fields to use so we could play!

THIS WEEKEND: We are hosting some teams from the NWSRA league that we are part of. The NWSRA league is made up of teams from Mt Prospect, Prospect Heights, Libertyville, Buffalo Grove and they all have just a few teams so they play each other unlike our league where are self-contained.  We have been associated with them for years, the past few we just had been out of touch so it was good to reconnect. We are hosting (2) two Jr teams and (1) Sr team from Prospect Heights, (1) one Jr team from NEDSRA in Addison.  It is also our popular Ice Cream Social. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ATTENDANCE for us and hopefully everyone can make it to show our strength of Challenger players.

05/31/2014 Saturday 4:00 PM Ruzicka 1 Prospect Ht- A Giants SAA Girls Softball SAA Girls Softball ICE CREAM SOCIAL
05/31/2014 Saturday 4:00 PM Ruzicka 2 Prospect Ht-B Rays SAA Girls Softball SAA Girls Softball ICE CREAM SOCIAL
05/31/2014 Saturday 4:00 PM Ruzicka 3 NEDSRA Angels SAA Girls Softball SAA Girls Softball ICE CREAM SOCIAL
05/31/2014 Saturday 4:00 PM Ruzicka 5 Prospect Ht- Sr Cubs SAA Girls Softball SAA Girls Softball ICE CREAM SOCIAL
05/31/2014 Saturday 6:00 PM Ruzicka 1 Dodgers White Sox Jrs Tigers Jrs Cubs ICE CREAM SOCIAL
05/31/2014 Saturday 6:00 PM Ruzicka 2 Red Sox Cardinals Jrs Phillies Jrs White Sox ICE CREAM SOCIAL

ICE CREAM SOCIAL:The  Ice Cream Social will be on the east side of the Concession stand after the 4 pm games and 6 pm games.  We will have Ice Cream provided by Culver’s in Schaumburg. For those lactose in tolerant we will have a choice of special dairy free ice cream or popsicles that BBSA Challengers are providing with Prospect Height helping with popsicles.  These specials we really would like to keep for the players and buddies who need those special items. Unfortunately the Ice Cream Social is for the Challenger players, buddies and coaches only we just don’t have enough for siblings. We will not know if we have extra’s until after the 6pm Challenger games.  The concession stand will be open with ice cream for purchase. Also this week the concession stand will be having pizza as well along with our standard selections. 

June 21st is the BBSA night out at the Schaumburg Boomers game, it will be great fun evening. The BBSA board selected this date so the Challenger Division could participate since we do not have games scheduled.

July 12th is our end of the year party. More information will be coming soon.

July 26th 2Nd Annual Boomers Classic BBSA AL Challengers vs BBSA NL Challengers before Schaumbug Boomers Game. (SIGN UP OPEN).

The Challenger Division will be playing a special Challenger game before a Schaumburg Boomer Game on July 26th. We will be having the Bartlett American League Challengers (Angels, Rays, White Sox, Red Sox vs Bartlett National League Challengers (Cubs, Cards, Giants, Dodgers). After our Challenger game we will stay to watch the game. This will NOT be a free event.
There will be a sign up, this is open to all Challenger players who are in good standing with the league including all fee’s paid up. 
Some of the facts:
•         Sign up will consist of parent emailing Paul Williams with their players name and team name. 
•         The players (and adult(s) who brings them) will be REQUIRED to purchase a game day ticket.
o   We will have a website portal to order tickets from the Boomers.
o   Can Anyone can come and watch the game?
  Yes but you need to purchase tickets Ticket price is not determined yet but not more than $10  $12.
•         To start off with we have 3-4 players from each team (15 total on each team).
o   If we do not have 3-4 players from a team we will fill in from other teams.
•         If we have too many players sign up, we will do a random draw after the following:
Any player who did not play in last year’s Boomers Classic.
o If there is enough after the above then random draw.
o   Open to the rest of the league.