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2017 Challenger Jamboree

posted Sep 7, 2017, 2:31 PM by Bll Challengers
We in the middle of our "SECOND SEASON" and next up is......

6th Annual Illinois District 13 Challenger Jamboree September 10th, 2017  (SIGN UP OPEN).
Signup closes next weekend.
The sign up for the Challenger Jamboree is OPEN. This event will be held at the Randall Oaks Complex in Dundee, IL (Rt 72 and Randall Road) on September 10th 2017. This is an official Little League event so Challenger and Sr Challenger players are welcome.
Sr Challengers, since we are the only league to have a Sr Division, PLEASE SIGN UP if we get enough older players I will put 2 teams together so they play each other and there will be no issues playing the younger teams from the other leagues. We can also allow some other older players from the leagues to join us.
This IS a free event. SIGN UP NOW  
Some current and past facts from past Jamborees (meetings happening this week).
The event happens 9/10/2017 currently scheduled 10:30 am-5 pm (games at 11:30 and 1:30)
(1) baseball game is played with buddies from our Bartlett Buddy Network.
Players have receive tee shirt and trophy (To be determined for 2017)
There has been hay rides.
Simple Carnival games (looking to expand for Sr players as well)
DUNK TANK is planned for this year NEW
The Randall Oaks petting zoo FREE to Challengers and their families if in uniform.
The Randall Oaks golf course will have free access (and clubs if need be) to their 3 hole par 3 handicap accessible for Challengers....TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!!
Hay ride shuttle to Zoo.
This is a REAL fun event for the whole family.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE REGISTER, there is a limited time that registration will be open.